How to share files from my Xepnology outside network?

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An alternative to QC would be the use of DynDNS services on your router and port forwarding (NAT) to DSM‘s https port. Within DSM‘s file station you have the option to share folders and files with different access rights. But you‘ll have to keep in mind some drawbacks which arise:


- you expose your NAS to the internet 

- this requires additional security actions to be taken (DoS protection, account blocking, firewall protection, 2fa for admin accounts, etc.)

- a valid Let‘s Encrypt certificate would be advisable too

- for sharing files/folders within the file station you‘ll have to connect via the dyndns url ( or manually replace the address which is generated by the file station (for example: if your NAS‘ local IP is then you‘ll have to replace the IP address in the generated URL with your dyndns address)

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