Best budget aio hardware hp ex485, hp n54l, etc

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if you just want to pay with it you can use oracle virtualbox and install as VM

for a real system that is supposed to be reliable a 10 year old hardware might not be a good choice, also after such log time there is also a lack of performance to expect



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HP N54L Gen7 microservers are definitely old now - I've been using 2x of them for the last 8yrs - one configured as a Linux server, the other as a XPEnology backup NAS, originally 5.2.5644 then just recently after I'd bought a Synology DS918+ as I needed a dual backup system (live backup and additional archive) solution.


They are old boxes now I agree - they work really well though, relatively cheap on auction sites - with spares and upgrade options being cheap due to hardware age (memory upgrades etc). After BIOS upgrades the rack drives are also hot-pluggable. As IG-88 stated, nowadays being able to play with XPEnology builds with VMware is great to get a feel for things.


If I was starting it all again with no kit - I'd still be looking at a HPE Gen8/10 microserver, as functionality wise, everything you'd probably want would be available from the get go - or I'd be looking to build my own rig from scratch as even relatively cheap PC components compare well with real Synology hardware - just take a look on Synology's website at various DSxxx+ units - their processor and memory configs are not exactly cutting edge.


You really need to compare your budget to your requirements, it has been great having the XPEnology build generally fault/error free for all these years.



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