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xpenology vmware vm lost IP


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I'm running xpenology with nanoboot under ESXi 5.5.

For some reason my VM lost its IP address which caused all the other VM's using xpenology as a NFS mount hung.

I had to reboot all my VM's to get the NFS mounts working again.


Has anyone run into this before where the IP was lost on the xpenology vm?



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so i have XPEnoboot 5.1-5022 update 2

its installed directly on the hardware.. so its not in a vmware..


I just lost my ip and i couldn't get into DSM..


the system was powered on but i didn't have anyway to check it..


I didn't know what to do so i did a power supply hard power off and power on to reset the system..


its my first system and and well its been on just 33hrs ..

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I've had this happen before. I wrote a little script to restart the network interface via DSM shell. I don't recall the exact script offhand, but you can basically check the network status, and if it fails, run the following:


/etc/rc.network restart


if passes, do nothing.


You can setup a DSM task to run every X minutes, hours, ect.

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I make a script file; ex; check_link.sh

chmod 755 check_link.sh


an then schedule a task to run every few hours in DSM.



STATUS=$(ping -q -c 4 | grep -o '4 packets transmitted, 4 packets received' )

if test "$STATUS" = "4 packets transmitted, 4 packets received"
echo "$STATUS"
/etc/rc.network restart

Replace the IP address with your routers IP. You could just try running the code from DSM task, and bypass making the script file, but I haven't tested it that way.


I forget what the message says when you lose the network connection and try to ping your router, but it would probably be better to do the 'if else' on that message.

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similar issue but with real H/W. Left new 5022.3 DSM up for 24hrs to test exactly this scenario. Sure enough DSM assist could not see system in the morning. The system still has a monitor and keyboard attached as part of testing process. I tapped a couple of keys and DSM assist found the IP. Will try test again after setting config to manual IP.


**Update** Set DHCP to manual. Left DSM 5033-3 on for 24hrs, When I tried to connect via DSM Assist server was not seen. issued ping to IP and re scanned with DSM. Server was found and logged on ok. I have set a task to run when I boot PC to ping the DSM 5022-3.

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