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DS3615 or DS3617 on J5005


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I tried to install DS3615 and DS3617 DSM (6.2.3_25426) to my J5005 and it does not find. I tried 918+ and it works without any problem. I need to install DS3615 or 3617 because I have to have Acronis and it is only supported on select models.


I tried booting with default extra.lzma from Jun's loader 1.03b without any luck. I also tried using IG-88's extra-lzma ver 11.2 with original zImage and rd.gz from DSM but no luck either. All of this done with  grub.cfg modification to match with my information. I am kind a lost now. 


Can someone with same MOBO help me please?


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To run DS3615xs or DS3617xs you need to to turn on legacy boot in the BIOS.  That board has very little for BIOS configuration.

I seem to recall someone stumbled on a not-obvious boot option which caused it to disable UEFI.  My best advice is to try everything.


FMI: http://forum.asrock.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=8472&title=asrock-j5005itx-fails-missing-legacy-boot-mode

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Thank you IG-88 for pointing out the option. I will later try your suggestion and report back. Last night I figured it out how to load Acronis on DSM virtual machine and it is working fine but like I said will try 1.02b and dsm 6.1x.


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