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Hi All,

Having sleep issues, what am I missing??


Primary NAS is MB: MSI H170m-Pro-vdh CPU: i5-6500 16 GB DDR4 RAM DS918+  DSM 6.2.3-25426

It will do HDD hibernate fine, and auto-shutdown, and a power schedule shutdown/wakeup just fine. Shutdown or restart through DSM interface is fine also. But no luck with Wake-on-LAN. If it shuts down, I need to press the power button to start, or wait til the scheduled wakeup.

I've set the MAC address in config to match the real BIOS MAC address.

Do I just need to get an intel NIC (MB network is realtek)?

Are there key BIOS settings I should be going for (have enable WOL)


Backup NAS is older- Lenovo ThinkCentre M71e CPU: i5-2500 8 GB DDR3 RAM DS3517xs  DSM 6.1.7-15284 Update 3

No legacy BIOS option

It will do HDD hibernate fine and auto-shutdown

No schedule wakeup, no shutdown or restart through DSM interface, no WOL. 

Only way to power off is physically hold the button, although if I do "shutdown" through the interface at least I don't get hard drive messages after startup (compared to no "shutdown" and pure button-hold).

Mobo NIC is also Realtek.

MAC address for DSM matches real BIOS MAC.


In all other aspects both boxes are good - transfer speeds are full gigabit generally, they talk to each other etc.

I've not done any VID or PID settings and don't understand if/why to go there.


Any tips?

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