Bootloader success, but DSM install loses network

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Seems I’ve gotten about half way there so looking for advice on next steps to troubleshoot.  I’ve successfully booted loader 1.03b for 3615_6.2.  Both the Synology Assistant and web find the diskstation, however upon installing DSM_DS3615xs_25426.pat (either via Assistant or manually)…. The diskstation appears to lose the network.  Upon (what appears to be ) completion of the install, connection is lost and the assistant or web can’t find the ds anymore.  Wondering if I should just start trying other loaders and pats or is there something else I can do.

Mobo is GForce 7050m

CPU is AMD 64 of some sort

4GM Memory

NIC is rtl8169sc – Asusnx1101

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1 hour ago, Badger said:

NIC is rtl8169sc – Asusnx1101


Sundance Technology IPG- > ipg.ko is the driver

that one is already part of juns driver that within the loader

you could try a different driver set like this one


jun's driver where made for 6.2.0 and seemed to work in most cases with 6.2.3, the link from above uses newer kernel source from synology for the driver

copy the extra.lzma to the loaders 2nd partition replacing the one there



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25 minutes ago, Badger said:

Thanks! Worked like a charm.  I'm in business now with 6.2.  

ok, thats the 1st case by now where a driver from 6.2.0 failed with 6.2.3 (not counting jun's special i915 driver)

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