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2 Issues: expanding SHR array fails / Update from 5.0-4493


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Hi guys,

Very happy with the unit and the OS and all working well.


Come up to 2 issues that I want to be very careful of not to lose data.


N36L HP Microserver with 4 xWD red 3TB drives.

Booting from internal USB nanoboot I believe.



The system is requesting and update with following details on 'update and restore':

Model: DS3612xs

Current: DSM 5.0-4493 Update 2

DSM date: 2014/6/27

Status: DSM 5.0-4493 Update 2 (Changing settings allows 5.1-5022 to be found)


Now selecting update starts and prepares but then fails at the 22%. "Temporary directory access error (2)"

I assume this is because its Spenology on MicroServer not a true Synology device?



SHR array was 4 x 2TB and was replaced one by one with WD 3TB

The array is intact and healthy with all data.

But it is showing as only 4571.09 GB.

Storage manager, Volume, manage shows the expand option which is selected.

Options show it will expand to 8.17TB. Runs through the options, unmounts etc but then fails

Status shows the following before failing: Expanding (initializing disk) (stopping services)

Then it just shows that it can be expanding from 4.4 to 8.5TB again.


Log entries:

System starts to expand unfinished SHR space (Volume1)


System failed to expand unfinished SHR space (Voloume1)

Drives are remounted with no error but still only 4.5TB



Would be grateful for some step by step guide to assist save me stuffing up and losing the data.

Thanks in advance.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Still looking for solutions if any one still has any ideas...

The img file in the above forum link doesnt seem to exist anymore...

Starting to become an issue... 98% usage with half my storage not formatting...

May very well have to call it quits and install another OS... Please obi wan, your my only hope.

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