The Synoboot.vmdk for DS918+ on VMWare?

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So I've been searching high and low through all the installation resources on this forum and I've been unable to find the information for a fresh install in the following setup:

- vmware platform (esxi 6.7)

- haswell platform (918+ image)


I'm trying to figure out where the synoboot.vmdk comes from -- all versions I've seen are for DS3615 or 17.



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I don't think it matters much, there isn't anything unique to the vmdk definition between versions.  Here's the one running on my test DS918+ system


$ cat synoboot.vmdk

# Disk DescriptorFile

# Extent description
RW 102400 VMFS "synoboot.ds918.104b.img"

# The Disk Data Base 

ddb.adapterType = "lsilogic"
ddb.deletable = "true"
ddb.encoding = "UTF-8"
ddb.longContentID = "bf1ed85c590a19a0c8db34278b9950bd"
ddb.thinProvisioned = "1"
ddb.uuid = "60 00 C2 9a ee da ca 33-df 5e 04 3f 80 55 f9 62"
ddb.virtualHWVersion = "10"

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