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N54L HP ProLiant Microserver: Upgrade DSM 5.0 to 6.x

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Dear XPEnology community,


i have tried to avoid a thread, but did not get smart all the way to the end and ask for a little help regarding a planned DSM upgrade. I apologize if I missed a guide!


I have been using a DSM version 5.0-4493 on a N54L Microserver (pretended to be DS3612xs) with Nanoboot for 4-5 years.
Everything has been running absolutely stable, smoothly and without problems since then!


I would also leave it at that, but I would like
1. Use Synology Virtual Machine Manager
2. I'm afraid that other systems like plexserver or the like will get compatibility problems sometime, because they can't be updated with this OS for some time, and I want to prevent this from happening.


I'm a bit rusty about all this, because I've been living by the motto "never change a running system" ever since.


My two final questions:
1. What steps do I have to follow for an upgrade?
2. Do I have to worry about my data or can I upgrade without any data loss? (I can't transfer the bulk of my data to somewhere else easily)


Thank you!!



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I'd suggest starting by having a look at this thread: 

You mentioned that you wanted to use VMM, sadly as the N54 has an AMD CPU that won't be possible as it's only supported on Intel CPU's. As for your data it should be ok, however you should always have a backup just in case things go awry.

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