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Bios reset


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I've experienced an odd behaviour on my XPEnology. Each time I was booting, the bios was reseted. I've checked the battery and other hardware components. I've also ported my disks to another system, but the problem remained unchanged. Then I've decided to go for fresh installation and the problem disappeared. I assume it had to do with ipkg and the installation of lm-sensors. Because I've used nanoboot until that time, I wasn't able to upgrade to DSM 5.1. After switching to XPEnoboot the upgrade to the latest DSM is possible and now all required power saving options are available and I don't need to mess around with optware anymore.


This info is for all, that experience any odd system behaviour.


Cheers wgk


N'Joy XPEnology superb job that the community has done - many thx!

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