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I am trying to get a baremetal install working on the following hardware:


Intel DQ77MK motherboard with 8GB RAM

Intel i7-3770 CPU

4x Hitachi 750GB HDD


BIOS is set to UEFI+CSM, serial port enabled (that seems to be a thing), AHCI mode on, boot from USB as 1st priority.


It boots and I can get to the screen where I am instructed to try and locate the DSM from either or the Synology Assistant. Unfortunately, neither sees anything. And I waited for a long time, periodically checking. If I look at my router log, no IP seems to be assigned. The physical layer is up (I can see from the NIC led on the computer and the switch, blinking green)


I'm stuck as I don't really know what to look for. I think it's a networking thing, but the NIC should be supported (Intel 82574L).  I browsed for the extra.lzma file but it seems to be for an earlier version of the bootloader + PAT. I'm also not sure this is the right solution.


According to this post, it should work OOTB:


But it doesn't :-( If anyone can point me in a direction for troubleshooting, I'd be much obliged!





What I did:


I got the 1.03b loader and the 6.2.3 PAT file here (1st post):



I have followed the steps here and manually updated the grub.cfg (I found that using the 'c' option in the grub loader didn't persist the changes for some weird reason):


Have double-checked MAC adresses, serial no generated, PID, VID.


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What's UEFI + CSM?  You want to make sure you are booting into BIOS or Legacy mode.  UEFI mode is incompatible with loader 1.03.  That is likely to be your problem.  Unfortunately the nomenclature is not standard from BIOS to BIOS, so you will have to do some experimenting.  If needed, post some relevant BIOS setup screenshots.

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Thank you for your response. I have progressed now and found that the problem was multipronged. But you got me started on the right path, which is what I was asking for - so thank you!


Here's the breakdown of what I ended up doing:


1. First off, apologies for confusing the UEFI+CSM. I had not read correctly in the BIOS. It is either UEFI, Legacy or UEFI + Legacy. I have now set to Legacy.


2. This did not solve everything, alas. After some tinkering, I figured out that my BIOS does not take kindly to Legacy + "Boot USB devices first" as well as "Boot from removable media" - so I disabled these last two. Now the only items checked are "Legacy" and "Allow boot from USB"


3. With this, I was able to move on to detecting the DSM if I manually selected the USB stick from the boot menu (intercepting with F10) at POST. However, if I let it try to boot by itself, I got an error stating that there was no bootable device :-(


4. After some rummaging around the forum, I figured out that it might be down to my (quite old) motherboard maybe not being able to boot automatically from a USB stick that used GPT partioning. And there was an .ing file of the 1.02b bootloader in the instructions for these cases. But I needed 1.03b :-(


5. After some more digging, I stumbled across a post from @wimmetje (see inserted link below) where he took the 1.02b MBR image and replaced all of the files with those from the 1.03b loader, which worked for him.


6. So I replicated that, using the 1.02 MBR image, mounted the two FAT partitions and replaced the files with those from the 1.03b loader (modified with PID, VID etc)


7. I was now able to let the computer boot unattended, directly in to the GRUB menu - and after a little while, I could see it in the Synology Assistant.


I have since moved on to installing the 6.2.3-25426 PAT file and am exploring this brand new world :-) The DSM even sees my add-on PCIe x1 4-port SATA card (Marvell 9215-based)


There is still much to learn, but I am on my way now!









Modifying the bootloader MBR image


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