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I just migrated my DS3615XS from a working 6.1.4 to 6.2-23739 using Jun 1.03b loader and following these steps:


1. New USB drive

2. edited the grub.cgf with vid, pid and SN (from generator) and the MAC (the one I used before in 6.1.4 as shown in the assistant)

3. created USB Boot with Rufus

4. inserted USB in NAS

5. Booted in Bios legacy modus

6. Migrated via assistant (manually)  to the DSM  6.2-23739


Everything went fine. I see the Nas in the Assitent and all is good. I can log in and it seems normal.

But after a few seconds it removes the file Statiuon icon and all network connections are lost. Like the Station is crashed.


After reboot I can log in again, but the issue happens again.


As long as I dont log in, the Stations is visibel on the network and seems to run fine. I log in, it runs my PLex as usual and crashes after a few seconds. But only if I try to update something or browse through the systemsettings etc. If I dont touch anything, it seems to run fine.


Its no difference if the I-net is connected or not (unplugged the router from the ISP to test it)


Any idea what I did wrong?

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