Write speed slower than expected

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Hi folks, noob to XPEnology here but *mostly* going ok so far.


I'm finding write speed is slower than expected. Read is constant 110MB/s or so, for large files and folders of smaller files.

However write speed is around 85MB/s at best. Wondering if there is something different I should be doing with hardware or settings to get full Gigabit saturation?

Not a terrible speed by any means but others reporting 110MB write speed gives me FOMO!


Hardware is H170M pro-VDH motherboard

i6500 CPU

DS918+  6.2.3-25426


2 x Toshiba MG05ACA800E 8TB drives in SHR Storage Pool


I've noted the NIC is Realtek, but figure the read speed is a good sign for the NIC, cables and network. 

I haven't personally updated the BIOS so will try that soon.


Any other thoughts on ideas to try??

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Try writing very large files.  There is a lot of OS overhead in writing smaller files and you probably won't see gig speed on a single spindle with that workload.


I'm not sure there is anything wrong, if you really want to know the transfer rate of the drives and system, you'll need to do more synthetic testing under controlled circumstances.

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I agree with @flyride. Especially when transferring smaller files the nature of TCP slows down transfer rates („hey nas!“ „hey client“ „give me file1.jpg“ „here you go!“ „got it!“ „hey nas!“ „hey client!“ „give me...“). Pull is - in most cases - even slightly faster than put. The Windows transfer dialog is also known for showing cached speeds rather then real speeds. File managers like Total Commander handle this much better. Other factors are SMB protocols (SMB v2 with large MTU or SMB v3). 


I would do some testing with single files of larger size (ISO, video, etc.). 

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Appreciate the replies guys, sadly the results were for large files (4+ GB movies) as well as folders of small files. I used windows file explorer as well a Free File Sync. I’m really thinking its the NIC, can hopefully get my hands on something to test the theory. Did read something about updating drivers but was way over my head. If the borrowed NIC works out then I can either buy one or further investigate the driver angle

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Thanks, no luck with cable changes, tried a bunch.

I've ordered an intel NIC which is coming from china, but would be keen to get the onboard Realtek adapter working - for this motherboard I gather it's Realtek RTL8111H


I've read posts about adding or updating "extra.lzma" but the process is over my head - is there a noobs guide to how to get this onto the USB boot stick?

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Well it wasn't the cables but it was something simple....Realtek drivers on the Windows 10 PC.

Windows would only give me the 2015 drivers.

Manually updated as described here, now full 111-112 MB/s read and write with large files as well as large folders of small files.


Such a rookie error, bit embarrassed!


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