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Thecus N2520 - Working stable DSM 5.1 should i Try 6.x?

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Hello Folks,


Fast forward from 2017, I have a legit running Thecus N2520 dual bay running Custom DSM 5.1-5022, that I was able to Convert from Thecus OS to Synology DS214Play using Vortex guide.


I realize now Thecus forums are kaboom, and because this is not a Jun/ or like Synoboot its a custom something I dont even understand should I even risk upgrading it to DSM 6 or can I even do it?


Yeah DSM 5.1 is old but for a backup NAS i dont really care as long as its working and not a dead brick.


Vortex I believe customized the firmware  for Thecus (mimicing DS214Play) and modded it? not sure what but his download zip at that time in 2015 etc, has these DSM versions within DSM 5.x . The last one in his package was sub version 5565.


However in Control Panel Synology shows DSM 5.2-5967 as the latest one.Now I do not know or recall if each firmware pack he modded before it would install or be safe on Thecus NAS.


Is it safe to leave NAS running as is ? or update to 5967 should be fine? Note this is not Xpenology, he called it Synocus for some reason so I am not sure


Any help appreciated guys.


Mods: I am not sure if this is the correct forum, but I was not sure where else to post.Please move it if appropriate.








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Atom  CE5315, "Berryville" (32 nm), ~2013?

GPU PowerVR SGX545 - no support for using hardware transcodeing with juns laoder

network: RTL8211E -> its just a phy chip so the network driver might be part the soc and intel


i'd suggest trying a fresh install on a test disk first, if that work you can use the usb to install to your disks and complety replace the system, its not worth trying to "migrate" to keep same settings just install with the option to keep your "data" (raid with your data), system should be replaced

make sure you test with the test install like copying data over network to see if performance is ok, if that does not work its much less work to just keep it the old way and replace the unit later with new hardware an a new dsm install

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