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Virtual Machine Dilemna


Hi to all!

I'll be mounting a tower with Xpenology on a ThinkStation P300, everything seems fine even though I didn't try yet.


I need to put Sage 50 Connection Manager, that is normally installed on Windows, on the machine.

I do not know where I should go :

- Either install Xpenology and do a Windows VM in Synology?

- Or install Windows and use a Xpenology VM


What are your opinions? What would be the best?

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il y a 21 minutes, intangybles a dit :

Whichever is going to be doing the most work would seem to be the the best base to start from! ie; which ever is carrying the least load should be running on the Virtual Machine?

Thanks for your input.


I read a lot about people using Exsi VMs, what is benefit of using Exsi as an hypervisor there?

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If you deploy XPenology as a VM then you can work around hardware that would otherwise be incompatible or less compatible as baremetal.  For example, I can use my enterprise NVMe disks as regular storage (a disk pool and volume), and also RAID F1 which is only supported in DS3615/17xs, both at the same time deployed as a ESXi VM.


If you have a need for other VM's and they do not need very high speed access to DSM volumes (meaning they can be NFS connected or even use hypervisor storage), then arguably ESXi is a better pure hypervisor instead of a container inside DSM.

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