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Upgraded from 6.2.2 to 6.2.3 and lost network find

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I made the mistake of upgrading to 6.2.3. after coming across the post by IG - 88 I'm having trouble following these instructions.


"...you accidentally updated 6.2.2 to 6.2.3 and now have problems like no network after boot, no proper shutdown/reboot or missing /dev/dri (hardware transcoding) then you just copy the new extra/extra2 to your already updated usb drive (the update to 6.2.3 already installed the new kernel on it)with latest updates of win10 there is no drive letter anymore, its possible to still do it with the tools already used for creating the usb drive, read the usb to a imgae file with "Win32DiskImager 1.0" (activate "read only allocated partitions"), mount that image with osfmount (like in the tutorial section), overwrite old /extra/extra2.lzma and write the image back to usb with Win32DiskImager"


Can someone explain how I read the image from my USB, I must be missing an easy step with win32diskimager...

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Type in the filename you wish to save to (or click the folder icon to navigate to the directory you wish to place it in). Select the device and press "Read"

Oh and the instructions said tick the box "Read Only ....."

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