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ipkg replacement: opkg


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opkg is a qnap based replacement for ipkg. The thread with the original installation instructions is on the Synonology forums. Below are the instructions for getting it installed. I followed the instructions and it works well. Refer to that thread for more information.


The list of packages (with sort and search capabilities) is here -

(arm) http://qnapware.zyxmon.org/binaries-arm/Packages.html

(x86) http://qnapware.zyxmon.org/binaries-x86/Packages.html


Preparation steps to install Qnapware - make a directory to install qnapware and a symlink /Apps/opt --> /opt. For example


DiskStation> cd /volume1
DiskStation> mkdir @qnapware
DiskStation> mkdir /Apps
DiskStation> cd @qnapware/
DiskStation> mkdir opt
DiskStation> /bin/ln -sf /volume1/@qnapware/opt /Apps/opt


To install Qnapware download bootstrap script, make it executable (chmod +x) and run.

(arm script) qnapware_install_arm.sh

(x86 script) qnapware_install_x86.sh


After the script finishes please add /Apps/opt/bin and /Apps/opt/sbin to you path. The easy way do do it is to add a line

. /Apps/opt/etc/profile

to the end of root profile - (/root/.profile).


Modify /etc/rc.local file to make symlinks to qnapware/opt dir and run services. For example, my /etc/rc.local looks like this

DiskStation> cat /etc/rc.local

# Optware setup
[ -x /etc/rc.optware ] && /etc/rc.optware start

/bin/mkdir -p /Apps
/bin/ln -sf /volume1/@qnapware/opt /Apps/opt
/Apps/opt/etc/init.d/rc.unslung start
exit 0


The syntax of opkg and ipkg is very similar. To install mc type

opkg install mc


I hope everyone finds this as useful as I have.

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I've been running opkg since he released it and the developer is always fast to respond to issues and even compiles off the wall apps as well. I HIGHLY recommend it if you're still on ipkg and can use the updated binaries.


A few apps that I needed an update to were LFTP and stunnel (when I was running a 1812+).

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I've been in contact with the developer behind opkg (zyxmon) since before coming to XPEnology. I highly recommend opkg if you need any apps that aren't available through Package Manager. I do NOT recommend using ipkg anymore since it has been abandoned for years and the feeds are no longer being updated or maintained.

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I am able to deinstall ipkg and install opkg with the following procedure:

List all installed packages:

ipkg list_installed


remove packages step by step via:

ipkg remove 


Afterwards I modified the /etc/rc.local to not mount /volume1/@optware

# mount -o bind /volume1/@optware /opt


The last step was to change the root back to the ash-shell in /etc/passwd



after a reboot I am without ipkg. :smile:


Then I applied the steps in Post #1 and voila: opkg runs. :grin:



The only package I miss till now is cpufrequtils which I couldn't install via

opkg install cpufrequtils


This is no real problem as I am able to set the cpu-gouvernour via

echo conservative > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor

but maybe someone has a info how to install the package correctly via opkg :cool:

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