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Working volume but crashed HDD


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I have an xpenology with an avoton c2750 and 6 disks.

My nas was not behind UPS and power got cut off.

After reboot 1 HDD were crashed and 3 HDD had system partition problems and my volume was degradated.

The crashed drive was dead and even make other disk on the controller not boot on other reboot.

I changed it for a new one (i also bought an ups) and system enter into parity check . All this time all my data was accessible

When all was done i do another reboot (synology asked for it to do partition check)

Reboot did nothing so i decided to reinstall DSM (with same version for now)

Now my sytem is in a strange state like seen in the folowing screen :






Everything seems ok and i can still access all my data but can i make thoses HDD not being crashed ?

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I managed to fix my problem.

I moved one by the one disk from one slot to another. Then i add them to the volume (they were considered new disk in the new slot)

It tooks nearly 2 days to complete.


I decided to try updating to XPEnoboot and DSM 5.1 before re-installing all package i use.


I followed xpenology.nl tutorial with :


- XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.1-5022.1.img on my 8gb usb 2.0

- DSM_DS3615xs_5022.pat as dsm install file


On the first reboot after installation DSM freeze on post init at step

==== trigger device plug event ====


I did a successful rollback to last 5.0


my config is :


CPU + MB : ASRock C2750D4I

Memory : 8 GO DDR3 PC12800 - CT2KIT51272BD160B

HDD : 4* WD40EFRX and 2* STM31000340AS

power supply : Strider ST30SF - 300W

case : Silverstone DS380B (not really useful here )


Since DSM freeze before i don't if i can provide more data on the problem (seems not)

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