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Aoe on synology


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Hi folks, i have successfully setup aoe stuffs on synology, my setup need to be adjusted like package and miss web-part to manage but it's' works, if someone is interested on it, i'm glad to help to install.

It's not so complicated if you want to test, simply compile kernel module and load aoe , simply compile vblade and use it, but i would like to build a package, but i don't have necessary skills in web-page programming, to be honest i don't have any skills in programming :grin:

in simple way, you can use files like disk simply make dd if=/dev/zero of="name_of_aoe_target" count=10 bs=10G for example, this create a empty file of 100GByte on selcted volume empty o zero, after doing so, you have to assign this "virtual hdd" to rigth target via vblade daemon command, the syntax is : vblade ( paramns) 1 1 eth0 filename created

To show if the target are rigth connected

# aoe-stat
          e1.1        100GB   eth0 up

at this point you can use this target like normal disk

# mkfs.ext4 /dev/ethered/e1.1
# mkdir /mnt/e1.1
# mount /dev/etherd/e1.1 /mnt/e1.1




1 = shelf

1 = slot

eth0 = interface

Filename = filename of file created before


Othe usefull params are



demonize I.e send logs on system log



The -m flag takes an argument, a comma separated list of MAC addresses permitted access to the vblade. A MAC address can be specified in upper or lower case, with or without colons.



The -r flag restricts the export of the device to be read-only.


Which kind of use we can do?


For example target for some virtual machine, via ipxe you can boot machine via network and install some operating system on aoe target, i dont know if it's' possible use target for virtualization, but i think not possible, esx don't support aoe target like storage

The system works only if you have client machine that would mount target and target, server that serve target, only in the same ethernet segment because it works only in layer 2 of iso osi protocol stack.

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