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Xpenology 6.XX on Mac with VMware Fusion


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Hello everyone,


As i never found any tutorials on Xpenology to install DSM on a mac with VMware Fusion, i would like to make a post for the lost ones trying to find a solution. It's working pretty well with Fusion, it's exaclty the same tutorial for the Workstation edition except there is no possibility to edit the SATA bus on the app, as the parameter is not on the GUI.


So after configuring the VM and having the SATA disk(s) ready, you have to change the bootloader to use the sata0:0 and other ones on the sata1:X.


Open the xxx.vmx inside the VM xxx.vmwarevm (show package content) with a text editor and change the parameters. Example :


sata0.present = "TRUE"

sata1.present = "TRUE"
sata0:0.present = "TRUE"
sata0:0.deviceType = "disk"
sata0:0.fileName = "bootloader.vmdk"
sata0:0.allowguestconnectioncontrol = "false"
sata0:0.mode = "persistent"

sata1:0.present = "TRUE"

sata1:0.deviceType = "disk"
sata1:0.fileName = "hdd.vmdk"
sata1:0.mode = "persistent"
sata1:0.redo = ""


Hope it will help some peoples, all good on a Macbook pro 17" mid-2010 i7, High Sierra and VMware Fusion 11.5.3 with the last bootloader ds3615xs (Loader 1.03b) on DSM 6.2.3 with updates.


Best !

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Hi, you are absolutely right - there is no tutorial in the web explaining how to install DSM on VMWare Fusion. 

So I am one of the lost ones and I'm still having problems to get it work....  and your post was the only I found about this subject (sorry for reviving it after one year)


So first I'm not sure how to handle the file synoboot.img (extracting the zip bootloader ds3615xs (Loader 1.03b)). Do I have to convert it to a vmdk-file (using Starwind V2V Converter) ??


and then which option in VMWare Fusion is necessary "Creating a customized new VM" or "Importing an existing VM" ??


On 6/19/2020 at 5:17 PM, Kryper said:

So after configuring the VM and having the SATA disk(s) ready


as default in VMWare Fusion the bustype is SCSI....do I have to change it to SATA? or do I have to remove it and the then creating a new on as SATA?


Thanks for help




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