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Storage annoyance for OCD user

blue max

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OK not a big issue by any means, but a real niggle and something I am hoping might be resolvable easily.


I have two volumes in my N54L - both double-disk raid 0. They are Volume 1 and Volume 2.


After trying to update to 5.1 and having a nightmare, I did a clean install and went back to 5.0


No data was lost and I'm back up and running 100% - Apart from Volume 1 is now Volume 2 and visa versa.


Not really an issue but some applications refer to the volume number and home shares appear on the relevant volume.


I tried to change it, but I can't see how as there is nowhere to edit it. In storage manager, under volume, Volume 1 shows it to be Disk Group 2. And again visa versa.


There seems no way to change it. Removing and reinstalling made no difference. It must be logged somewhere, but where?


Hoping it might be on one of the preference files, but maybe it's not as easy as that.


I can find no reference to it anywhere, so hoping for any thoughts please.

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They're folder names. If you log into your box via Putty you can see them, and rename them using the "mv" command. Whether the system will play nice after you do that is anybody's guess so I'd backup before trying it.


I do appreciate your reply. I know it is pretty specific!


I'm a mac user, so can boot into windows seven on a bootcamp partition, but have only mastered the rudimentary stuff so far. I have used a programme recommended to activate the WOL via SSL. I think that is integrated with putty, but using commands is a step in the dark for me.


Sounds like I'm going to be stuck with it unless I gen up!

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To further this on. I tried putting volume 2 of my main nas into the backup nas, so there were two volume 2's. I'm now even more confused and the whole thing is an almighty mess!


Not lost any data, but things are out of control, with home shares on other disks and backups now being duplicated.


I had it all organised in a logical manner and it worked perfectly.


I think I will just have to start again from scratch with a clean install and initialised disks.

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