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It tried many ways to make DSM setup use my pre-formatted GPT disk (no partitions, formatted with MiniTool Partition Wizard).

Even if I provide it with a GPT disk, as soon as it finishes install the disk is MBR (parted reports "msdos"). DSM reformats it as MBR during setup.

If I then take the disk, plug it in my PC and convert it to GPT (MiniTool Partition Wizard) and plug disk again into NAS, the NAS won't boot anymore. (I have no graphic card built in so I can't see any errors).


Does this mean that my NAS won't be able to use disks with more than 2TB?


Loader: 1.0.3b (Jun)

Image: DSM_DS3617xs_25426

Hardware: Acer EasyStore H340

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Hi @flyride,

yes, it is below this size, but it's just a test HDD for now (256GB). It will be 2x 4TB in the final build.

Good to know that it will switch to GPT if required.


A little bit surprised why GPT is not the default in 2020...

Tanks for your insight!

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