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After my WD HDD reporting bad blocks very often, I decide to replace with Ironwolf 8TB drive, I had a spare sata and bought two Seagate Ironwolf disks.. I have backup of my files and start from scratch. Installed dsm 6.2.3, made a pool , volume. Dsm start Parity consistency check and I ' ve got this message several time:

An unknown error occurred, so hard disk 1 was restarted. If you often see this message, please disable disk write cache.

on both disks. After disabling the write cache there are no messages, but after reading here and there I think that that is a no way to go. Any advice?


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I've got the same error (warnings that Disk x had to be restarted due to an "unknown problem" and it is suggested that I disable write cache). New! Disk IronWolf 4T running on raid. Every time bad sector, but I tried out NAS and HD works perfect, so its a NAS Xpeno malfunctinon (xs3617). I had to replace an New IronWolf for a Old HGST that works (warm) but perfect. Ironwolf ever never. 

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