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I noticed that a few of my apps were not running (download station, audio station, media server, photo station, proxy server, video station). When I try to start them I get the following error message: "failed to run the package service. Upgrading database. please try again later". well this error message has been present for over 4 days now, and whatever this upgrade is, it clearly isn't working. I tried to uninstall and reinstall download station to see if it solved the issue, and while the uninstall worked, I now cant reinstall because of the same error.


Searching around has brought all sorts of solutions to freeing up some disks space (I have 3 volumes, one at 99% used (12GB free), 1 at 45% (600GB free) and 1 at 4% (950GB free), but other solutions involved OS rebuilds, modifying databases and all sorts of things. Is there a permanent fix for this problem?

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So I got the same upgrading bug, just after removing a volume.

the solution is to restart the NAS, because at any restart xpenologie rebuild his systems on every volume.

once restarted every thing was working fine.

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