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help upgrading from 4.3 to latest hardware version


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I have 2 HP Proliant Microsevers both with XPenology 4.3 and both with 6x4TB drives in an SHR. It's probably time to update them to the latest DSM :oops:


I am a little nervous as to how to proceed however as I don't want to lose what is one my drives. In my Synology Assistant, one is listed as ready and the other as not configured, which is weird since it has been installed for years now and works just fine. I have tried to update from within the OS using DSM 5.0-4528 (DSM_DS3612xs_4528.pat) but get an error message "There is a temporary directory access error (error #2) during update"


Is there some half-way step I need to do? install without drives in (just the USB stick)?any help would be appreciated.

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Most people here probably know how to upgrade and roll back xpenology and they also know it's not that hard to find the information or guides about it. :wink:


Take a look at the guides here > Xpenology.nl Tutorials.


You need to apply updates and roll back using the same method you used to install the systems originally. You don't use the DSM update process for major updates - you write the required version .img or .iso file to a USB stick or other device depending on the method you're using. Then download the relevant .pat file that matches the boot version you're using. After rebooting with the new USB stick installed you use the Syno Assistant to locate the machine or just navigate to the url if you know it. Once the page loads you will have the option to migrate if the system recognises the disks have been used for Syno DSM before. You use the migration option to upgrade or roll back and manually select the .pat file you downloaded. The installer walks you through the whole process. If you only get the options to do a clean install on your active systems then something is wrong, so don't try and install because that will trash the existing data.


You will need to search the forum for answers to the more specific issues you have mentioned most of them should be answered on here somewhere.


As for data loss there can be no guarantees that nothing will go wrong so if you have data that's critical you should back that data up in case you need to recover. That's the case for any system not just Xpenology.


You can't install the latest DSM 5.1 because there are issues with the build. The latest you can install reliably is DSM 5.0 using the .img or .iso and .pat from xpenology.nl.


You will need to connect a screen and keyboard up to the server and use the arrow keys or tab to select the upgrade/downgrade option from the grub menu.


If you're using a X64 USB boot drive on your Proliant's you need this .img file > Nano Boat DSM 5.0-4528 make sure you get the one from the IMG sections! Then you need this .pat file (DS3612xs) DSM 5.0-4528 (Main). You can apply update 2 using the DSM updater or you can use the .pat from xpenology.nl. If you use the download method you will need to run the following commands either from an ssh session or create a scheduled task in the DSM which contains the commands below.


sed 's/flashupdateDeb/flashupdateDeb1/' /autoupd@te.info> /autoupd@te.info1
mv /autoupd@te.info1 /autoupd@te.info


If you create a task in the DSM select root as the user and set it to run on the following date and set the date and time. You can save it and then run it manually after you have downloaded the update patch. You have to run the scripts directly after the download completes and before you install the update. So once the download says it's complete navigate to the Scheduled Tasks run the scripts manually and then navigate back to the update and install it.


Oh and you will need to add your MAC address to the relevant files on the USB stick (pre or post installation) and upload the shutdown script again. WOL instructions available here.

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thank you for the reply & hep. I did in fact look at those tutorials. Those are for installing. Very little on upgrading. Or at least, nothing specifically on what to do differently (if anything - in which case that also should be specified). Am I to understand that migrating and installing are basically following the same steps?

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YW, yes it's the same process the only difference being the version of the bootloader you have installed. So all you need are the matching .img/.iso and .pat to migrate back and forth between DSM versions.


There is always a risk that something may go wrong when you apply updates of any sort on any device so backing up important data is essential. It's too easy to get over confident with swapping out the versions, and 99% of the time there are no issues but the chances are that you will have a problem one day and you will need those backups. Updating becomes far less stressful when you know you can recover from a major issue. :wink:

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