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how to change mac addres on dsm 5.0


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I'm running the x64 version with DSM 5.0-4528 Update 2.

I want to run a second xpenology and as far as I have read here,

you need to change the serial number and mac addres, but IU can only find a howto for dsm 4.3.


And I can't find the vender file, so I think it's no longer used in dsm 5.0...


Does anyine have an idea?


btw: this software is awesome...

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Hi mate, no offense, but search on Google "serial change Mac xpenology"

I'm currently writing from a mobile phone so I can't give you the exact link but you'll find the exact result in the first 3 Google search results



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Using Google didn't help much by finding how to change the mac addres,

because there is no mac addres in the .lst files, only serial numbers...


but I did find out what the problem was:

In the same line of sn=xxxxxx add: mac1:xxxxxxxxxxxx


and this did the trick for me...

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