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I'm trying to create a high availability datastore on two ESXi hosts on two physical machines. I'm trying with both loaders v1.03b (ds3615xs and ds3617xs).

The High Availability setup completes successfully and at the end restarts the passive node. After the passive node starts Synology High Availability says "Unable to detect passive server".

On the Network->Hosts tab it says that both interfaces on both hosts are connected. Ping on LAN1 on both hosts is OK.

I have tested the setup on VMWare Workstation (both on 2 direct VMs and 2 virtualized ESXi hosts with 2 VWs inside) and everything works fine.


Any ideas how to diagnose the problem?



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Hi, I have the exact same issue.

What's weird about it, is that the actual replication is happening. Just the UI is not representing that.


Are you saying this is not the case on 2 virtualised esxi hosts with the exact same setup?

Also, since it has been a while since u posted. Have you figured it out?

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