XPenology AMD hardware virtualization success story ( on HP Gen 10 microserver through qemu libvirt and kvm-amd.ko module )

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Hi there!


I'm write some arcticle how to buld kvm-amd.ko module on last sources for DSM 6.2.2-24922


- launch virtual machines via internal VMM manager still failed (error "Failed to power on the virtual machine [somemachine] on the host [DiskStation]." ) (maybe cluster tools try to find machine with intel processors for launch?)

- i'm use raw image for qemu (but you can make qcow2 image somewere else or link qemu-img from /volume1/@appstore/Virtualization/bin dir)

- need to write some autostart scripts

Link for read: https://github.com/kyzia/Xpenology/blob/master/README.md


Hope that helps!

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