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Just to share one positive experience.

I have two xpenology NAS's .One daily driver for Plex. i3 fourth gen GB h81m mb, 16 GB ram updated to 6.2.3 (25426). One of my 5 6TB WD disks has 117 bad sectors. And Dsm was pushing notification very often (twice a day) especially on backup and other hdd intensive work. I found on synology forums that using WD Lifeguard (Windows) can help. Took a hdd in my windows pc, took 9 hours for 6TB hdd. But , no , one week later I hev no annoying notifications any more.

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that means the bad sectors got remapped and your disk is still in the process of failing (as often those areas with bad sectors grow larger)

i usually dont trust a disk anymore if it starts to show remapped or bad sectors, marks he usage end for me

so at least have a backup and check all disks (s.m.a.r.t) for remapped for bad secors

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Is it a Raid member or a single drive? If it’s not part of a Raid copying 6TB from one drive to another can take some time. But it depends on the filetypes. Thousands of images will take longer than a handful of large videos. And there’s a chance that new bad sectors can slow down or even break the process of copying. 

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