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Hi Xpenology afficionados.


I have been running Xpenology for 6 months now and am so pleased with it that I demoted my Synology DS1512+ to the backup server status.


I am now running Xpenology 5.0--latest on a HP proliant microserver ML40 with 8GB ram and 5 HP WD red 3TB drives.


All is well and it runs fine but I notice sometimes it has some trouble with Plex Media server.

Plex media server is crucial for me so now I am planning to do an upgrade.


I recently hav ebought and HP microserver GEN8 with the Celeron G1610T (similar to a low power i3) which is faster but now I am planning to upgrade the CPU on this baby to a Xeon E3 1230 V2 and install 16Gb of mem.

I want to run ESXI 5.5 on it and run an virtualized xpenology on it.


My question is of this setup will be powerfull enough to run plex transcoding in a vm.


Also what other stuff will I be missing when running virtualized. I will be using VT passtrough for disk access so I am not expecting a big performance hit there.

Will smart info work with VT passtrough in esxi?


Wake on lan is not important as it is virtualized and I can access the ILO of the server and use VMWARE tools etc.


Hope to get you input, do's and dont's and tips.


Thank you in advance!

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