Trying to Put Xpenology online through DDNS and Domain

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Guys I've been trying to put this Xpenology online for the last year i have found this 1$  domain  whihc i bought from 
I am quite sure there s something i miss ....I followed so many Walkthrough online and nothing work ....
This is all I have done i have shared many pics ... 
Note what is not shown in the Pic  it means i don t know about and i didn t do it! 
I have Zero Experience in that .
I checked for Solution in the Forum and nothing Helped 
For Example this:

I am looking for a straight forward Answer.
Any one is able to Help me?! 
I am using DSM3615XS Version  DSM 6.2-23739 Legacy Mode
Many thanks for your Concern.









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From the top of my head...


In the photo from your routers DDNS settings, you told it to use "no.ip" but entered the same domain name as your NAS?

If the domain points to your router, that should be enough, then NAT/portforwarding should do the rest.

If you use the DDNS service in your NAS, you can skip using it on the router (or use different names).


It seems like you are using upnp on your router (and NAS?)

Sometimes upnp is not working as it should, and sometimes it may cause security issues.

Disable that, and manually set up port-forwarding to your NAS, (and make sure your NAS is using either a static or reserved IP).


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i used Noip ... I registered something there  called  
and i registered that in the  Tp link Router as it shows in the Picture Log in Success in the Router Page 
then i went into External into DSM   and  added  the same DDNS  and it shows "Green" Normal Which means the NOip  account is  logged in ....
Then i went into Setting up the Router  and setting the  port  (i let DSM Do that job in the Next tab ) as shown in the Picture it  shows Fail  However  the ports were Added  in the Router  check the Pic above .... It uses UPNP  ......
If i disable UPNP  how  to set up   the ports manually?! 
I am uploading what the  Router shows me can u walk me through it ?! 

after Setting these ports  is there any other Setting i need to change in DSM? 
and how do i set up the Domain  in "Godaddy"?! 
And what would be the  Link to enter the  DSM after Everything is done?! 
Thank you!



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