Spontaneous reboots after DSM installation

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Hi everyone!


Faced a problem after installation of DSM - spontaneous reboots.

When using the loader 1.04 (918+) and automatically installing the current version of DSM(online installation), a reboot occurs (as it should be), after which you can get into the DSM web interface and continue the settings.
But in the process of the system working, a spontaneous reboot occurs. This can occur 2 minutes after loading the DSM, or after 5 minutes, or after 10 minutes, or several hours of operation. No clear sequence was found.


When using the loader 1.03b (3617xs) and manual installation of version 6.2-23739, spontaneous reboots are also observed, but more rare - after several hours of operation, a couple of times a day.


I'm using valid serial number and mac.

There is no troubles with MB or PSU, because it works fine without DSM.
I don’t understand what could be the problem.
Maybe someone has already encountered a similar phenomenon?


Test config:


CPU: i3-7100

DDR4: 4GB Kingston


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I would try;

disable all onboard devices that you are not using/needed eg audio, usb3.

manually setting memory speed to match clock rather than 'auto'

Enable disk activity logging and check the system logs following a crash to see if there is a log centre event near when it happens.

If you are running any SNMP monitoring, you could use the syno mib to check lots of system resources in real time and see if something is triggering the reboot.

One last thought, recreate your usb boot loader on a new drive

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5 hours ago, sd2d said:

There is no troubles with MB or PSU, because it works fine without DSM.

the occurrence of ram problems can depend on type of system usage and operating system

i'd suggest doing a ram test (often live linux system have a option for memtest when booting), check for funny looking capacitors on the system board and if possible exchange psu with another computer for testing


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Thanks a lot for all advises guys!


USB drive was changed - no effect;

PSU was changed - no effect;

MB is absolutely new;

RAM test is ok, but i’ll try to replace module and setup any lower frequency;





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5 hours ago, jensmander said:

cooler is full of dust, thermal paste is old, etc. 

i've seen one case where a cooler came loose and hat a loose fit, resulting in switch off's because of overheating

so check the mounting of the cooler too

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After all these days I suppose that issue in unknown incompatibility between CPU+MB+DDR and DSM. Maybe DDR4 cause faults... I don't know. 


Same boot flash works fine on other platform (with ddr3), any other OS works fine on this platform.


Topic should be closed.

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