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Hi All,


I'm running Loader v1.03b - DS3615xs on DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 6 through a supermicro motherboard.  The notification updates for DSM used to show up.  I know there's another update after the one I'm running, but my system just shows "Your DSM version is up-to-date."


Can this be fixed?

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synology will offer i in stages to dsm systems, so i might see the update in the next weeks

if you install keep in mind that 6.2.2 uses special drivers compared with 6.2.0/6.2.1 and 6.2.3 is "back to norm" aka the driver initially made by jun will have to be used for 6.2.3

you can copy the "old" extra.lzma to you usb (its omly used when booting, and then dis mounted, can be un-/replugged when dsm is running) and then start the update my the gui

if you forget it your system might not reboot and stop in the process of the update, in this case you can still do the step and copy the "old" extra.lzma to your usb


the old extra.lzma can be extracted with 7zip from the loader *,img file, just open it with 7zip, open the 30MB imgae.img and in there is the extra.lzma

if you win10 is a little moody about mounting the usb (since q1/2020 v1909 does not mount it anymore) you can use "Ext2 Volume Manager" and assign a drive letter with it to the 2nd partition

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Ok.  So you're saying it should eventually notify me of the update?  I'll wait and see.


I use a very vanilla install with no extra.lzma... I never could get extra.lzma to work on different systems.  Thanks.

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59 minutes ago, calimansi said:

I use a very vanilla install with no extra.lzma... I

with no extra extra.lzma ;-)

the you still use jun's original and some drivers may fail on loading in 6.2.2 (fallback to native drivers)

if that is the case then you can just update to 6.2.3 without doing anything


if you are still sceptical about 6.2.3 ...


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