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migration from 5.0.4528 to 5.1.5004


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Hi everyone,

first of all, my best compliments for the exceptional work on "virtualize" syno system and S.O. I was waiting for long time to have syno S.O. on a standard computer or virtualized!

I tried to convert my xpenology 5.0.x to 5.1 but I received an erro on upgrading.

Maybe caused by the beta testing of 5.1.5004.

My configuration is the following:

NAS HP MicroServer N36L

first hdd 1 tb (as first HDD)

second bay: none

third bay: hdd 500 gb (movies)

fourth bay: hdd 320 gb (music)

It works perfectly with firmware of 3612xs (5.0.x) but it seems to be incompatible with 5.1.xxx.

I change my original pen drive with 5.0.4528 with 5.1.5004 (5.0.32) nanoboot x64. Selected install/upgrade system on booting but even synology assistant says "migrate" (so it can be upgraded) it's impossible to installa the latest firmwares from 3612xs by bsynology (original one downloaded from the syno website).

Can you help me?

Maybe I should have waiting for the defintely version of nanoboot 5.1.5004 or over?

Thanks in advance

Best regards

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You might want to try reading through the forums before posting, if you had you would know that DSM 5.1 hasn't been implemented in Xpenology yet. Various people on here are working on it & will hopefully get it working, till then DSM 5.0 is as far as you can go.

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