AsRock J3455B-ITX - anything to be aware of? My first Xpenology build

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I've currently got a DS918+ and have been extremely happy with it. However it's almost at capacity.  I've come across some very cheap 6TB SAS drives so plan to build an Xpenology build with 8 X 6TB SAS drives to replace the DS918+.


A few questions if I may:


I'm planning on the following build


AsRock J3455B-ITX


Perc H310 in IT Mode

8 X 6TB SAS 3.5" Drives

SilverStone DS380

Silverstone SFX 450W Power Supply


The Asrock has the same CPU as the DS918+.  Will I have any issues with:


Hardware Transcoding (Plex)

Running Docker (I assume not)

Surveillance Station (I have an official license for 3 cams. Not sure if it can be moved across? If it works?)


Is there anything I need to be aware of? Limitations compared to my DS918+?


I know the specs are almost exactly the same, I just need to know if there are any concerns I should be aware of?


Would love some advice before I pull the trigger on the parts.


Thanks so much.




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11 minutes ago, yetithebouncer said:

Why not buy the ASRock J3455-ITX, has 4x sata3 slots? and M2 for future use maybe?


Thanks for the suggestion.  I primarily went with the B version as it's available at a local store.  I was able to find the version you're suggesting for only slightly more, however it looks like it only has PCIE X1 rather than X16.  The Perc H310 SAS card I have is X4 I believe so won't fit in the J3455 board..  And while M2 is nice, it's not something I can see myself needing in this nas.


Thanks for the suggestion though.



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1 hour ago, strat said:

AsRock J3455B-ITX


Perc H310 in IT Mode

the pcie slot is just pcie 2.0 2x slot, so you will not see more then 1000MByte/s for all disks on this controller


you might be better off with y micro atx board, more pcie slots and with a gigabyte 365M HD3 its just slightly deeper then a itx and its wider for 4 pcie slot (it also has 6xsata and m.2)


1 hour ago, strat said:

Perc H310 SAS card I have is X4 I believe

imho 8x

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