run dsm on kvm based vps

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i'm trying to run dsm6.1.x on kvm based vps by follwing steps:

on proxmox test:

1. compile virtio  drivers includes: virtio_blk,virtio_net ...etc. so that the vps can run the system

2. set dsm system and boot loader  to 1 disk .so that dsm can boot without another boot disk

3. export the disk to dmg or qcow2 file and deploy it on the cloud.


now i have modified the virtio_blk driver , set birtio_blk disk devices  could be named as sdX rather then vdX.  then the boot loader can detect the  birtio_blk  disk and install the system.

but i found  when kernel booting to installed dsm , in boot file  "linuxrc.syno" , kernel use mdadm  to detect dsm partition ,  the cammand is "mdadm --auto-detect".  ,which cannot detect raid on  virtio_blk disks ,thus  "/usr/syno/bin/synocheckpartition" return 0 . I found "mdadm --assemble --scan" will works ,and  /usr/syno/bin/synocheckpartition return 8 , and /dev/md0 can be mounted.

i test these in quicknicks boot loader by xpenology tools


so my problesm is : after i changed  file "linuxrc.syno" in rd.gz ,  how to repack rd.gz file so that the grub can load correctly?


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