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Teaming Network ports


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Hello all,


The good news, I have successfully installed this on an AMD dual core CPU w/ 8gig ram. And its running on a 4 gig Compact Flash.


The no really bad but not good news either. While I have been getting things setup properly, I have run into a few issues I would like to get the collective groups idea on:


* Is it possible to do teaming on network cards with two ports. I see that they are both active, but how do I determine that they are teaming or not. The card does not present a pre boot option.

* I think I understand that I cannot get QuickConnect to work because these are unsanctioned machines that cannot register with Synology. But are there other options to host a Could service on the OS?


Otherwise, it seems to be pretty good sofar. I have not had it running that long but so far so good. But would like to get those two items figured out.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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Teaming is possible, but it does not help in the way people usually think it does. Once most understand what benefit it does offer, folks don't usually bother.


Teaming helps up-time (theoretically , a little bit maybe) If you were to lose a port on your NAS, or a port on your switch, or accidentally unplug the cable, you might not have any downtime.

Teaming helps performance when you have two or more simultaneous loads FROM DIFFERENT SYSTEMS performing sequential transfers AND you have the disks in place in your NAS to support that extra performance. For Example say you had a 4/5 volume on your NAS, and it was used to store many large files. If you wanted to do both a Copy to a Second NAS (say a backup) and a copy of a single large file to your desktop, you could exceed what a single GB ethernet link could have done. Hower all you need to do is add in some random disk activity, or some write activity, and 9/10 times your real world performance is not going to reach a single link any way.


if you are looking for more uptime you can create a redundant link in the network section. if you are looking for more performance, make sure you create one of the Dynamic LACP type. your switch will also have to support 802.3ad dynamic LACP bonded channel as well.


don't use quick connect, but external access can be done manually in synology, plus your router.

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