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Migrate DS412+ to XPE Help Needed


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Hi All, I’ll try and be thorough with what I did to get the best possible advice to resolve this issue. 


My DS412+ died the other day. I had an old PC (ASUS P5Q motherboard) with plenty SATA ports so decided to build a custom system with XPE hoping to migrate the four DS412+ disks into it. 


The last know DSM version on my real DS based off an email I received back in January 2019 about automatic update to DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 4. (Don’t know how accurate that is)


I downloaded the XPE tool v1.4.2. 

I used bootloder 1.03b and DSM 6.2 23739


Bios settings were configured and USB vid/ pid and MAC address updated to grub file. 


To see if it worked I installed a blank 150GB SSD into SATA port 6 and bootloader USB and successfully installed XPE DS3615xs. 


I then shut it down and installed the 4 DS412+ disks into SATA ports 1-4. I left the the 150GB SSD there too. (Possible 1st Mistake)


When it booted again I select the first option default option baremetal with Jim’s mod. (Possible 2nd Mistake)


When the system came back online I was prompted with a migrate option DS412+ to DS3615xs. I chose migrate with settings and then hit install. 


After it rebooted it defaulted back into the first bootloader option but never came back online, it wasn’t even on the network, waited over an hour. 


I re-imaged USB bootloader again and this time I removed the 150GB SSD and started again. This time I got a recovery message, I proceeded with the only option to recover, again it rebooted but never came back online. 


After comments on the Facebook group, I re-imaged the USB bootloader again and restarted the process, this time selecting the second bootloader option “reinstall” I was again prompted to recover and reboot but, still wouldn’t come back online. 


I then used Ubuntu Live CD to see if I could mount the volumes, and I pleased to say I can and I can see all my files. I’m planning to backup the 10TB of data while I have the chance and maybe start all over. 


But I would really like to just import these 4 disks into a XPE build. Any suggestions, can I just wipe the DSM partition via Linux and start fresh. What are my options?


Any help advice would be much appreciated :)



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This is most likely due to missing driver support for you nic.

A quick Google search indicates your MB is using a nic from Atheros? But I'm not sure of the exact model.

Find the model, and search for it in the "addons" (extra.lzma) driver extenstions, or add a nic that is directly supported.

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On 8/6/2020 at 9:13 AM, bearcat said:

A quick Google search indicates your MB is using a nic from Atheros? But I'm not sure of the exact model.

the manual hides it a little (spec list) but in the graphics the chip has a lable

Atheros L1E and atl1e.ko is part of juns default driver set

so it must be something else


most likely uefi/csm problem, 1.03b need csm mode and the csm legacx boot device to boot properly

can be chacked by booting with 1.02b loader, if that one is found in network (can do uefi and csm/legacy) then its about csm mode and its boot device with 1.03b, after enabling csm it might need a new beeot to see the legacy boot device in bios to select it as 1st boot

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