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disks reordering...i think?


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Hey all. New to XPEnology, and mdadm, but not to linux. I had a drive fail in my 8-drive SHR volume made up of a six 1TB drives, and two 1.5TB drives. One of the 1TB drives failed. Anytime i replace it now, it starts up with the volume showing as crashed, and when i navigate in the GUI to the volume, only 2 or so of the drives will be a member. I have no option to put them back. I can manually get the volume back online by doing:


mdadm --assemble --scan

vgchange -ay vg1000

mount /volume1


All my stuff then shows up via the command line. However, of course, the GUI still shows the volume is crashed. If i reboot, it goes back to how it was before and I need to rerun the commands above to get it to mount again. If i shut down, pull out the new disk, and start up again, it comes up degraded in the GUI, and all is fine. Am I missing something?


machine is an Intel C2Q board with 4 sata ports, and a cheap add on 4 port sata card. Everything works perfectly aside from, what appears to be, a software issue with the OS reordering the disks or something. Anyone have any clues?

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