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Mount DSM's system partitions on a separate OS

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Hi There, long time lurker, but first time posting with an issue :) I hope this is OK, since I have not been able to find any answers to my question:


I have done a boo-boo, and essentially "bricked" my xpenology by changing some system files (not proud of it !). It will no longer connect to the network, and will overall simply non-reponsive. The loader seamingly starts fine, but simply never connects to my nextwork at all. Only way to get it to connect is by removing all drives, which Synology assistant will then pick up as a non-installed synology NAS, needing drives.


I'd like to revert my changes to the core system files, however I am not having much luck mounting these drives using my debian LIVE usb stick. I can mount all of the synology "Volumes" just fine (and hence access all of my data) but I am unable to mount the system files themselves. Has anything done this and able to help in any way?


Cheers !

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