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MicroServer Gen8 does not get an IP


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I've been a happy "customer" of XPEnology years now.

Till now I was using ESXi on my Gen8 for my setup but since I bought a new server I thought to use XPEnology on a baremetal installation.

Whatever loader I use, the box cannot get an IP hence I cant detect it using find.synology.com or the assistant.


What I do:

  • download ex V1.04b loader
  • Using OSFMount mounting the img on my pc and edit the grub
  • Set vid=0x0424 and pid=0x4030
  • Set a serial number generated through https://xpenogen.github.io/serial_generator/index.html for DS916+
  • set mac1 and mac2 (Capital letters right?)
  • set netif_num=2
  • set timeout='4'
  • Then using SD Card Formatter, I formt my MicroSD card
  • and using Win32 flashed the image on my sd
  • I replicate the bios setting as mr9v9 suggested 
  • And then booted from the MicroSD

I get the post screen "Happy Hacking blah blah" but no IP. What do I do wrong here? I tried several loaders but still same issue. So I supposed Im missing something.

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Update: Fixed


That moment that you already wasted 2 days looking to fix an issue, and the moment you post somewhere seeking for help, magically you found the solution.

Anyway :)


I switch to DS3615xs and it worked. I was using DS918 and that was causing the issue.

I also just swapped my disk from my DS216SE and and the migration worked out of the box.


Thanks for maintaining this project guys! 

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Dear all,


I have GEN8 and installed Xpenology by my friend. It was working and I had to do reset. For once it was OK, but for second time I can't find server via https://find.synology.com/

I'm lookiing for a help  for several days, this was closest post I saw. ON the screen I can see happy hacking etc... :-) thank you

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