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Backing up a Synology Folder to HD attached to Router


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I've been searching for this for hours. It seems the words are too common or I'm just bad at searching :grin:



I am trying to have the Synology box backup a Folder to a USB External HD that is connected to my Router.


1) How do I mount the External HD?


2) How do I schedule a task to copy to this folder daily?

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Hi would suggest;


1)The precise details will depend on your routers sharing settings but a) use File Station to mount the remote folder - has to be SMB and b) mount path will probably be /routerip/foldername


2) I dont think this is possible, DSM only backs up to remote DSM or Rsynch targets.


Why not mount the external USB HDD onto the Xpenology server? Might be easier for both :smile:


Good luck

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