Exactly how good is VMM in terms of performance

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Hello to everybody

I am considering dumping my old NAS (DNS-320) in favor of a dedicated PC that will serve as NAS +VM host. (probably the lowest CPU in consideration is i3-6100 but i am also thing for more powerfull options)

Till now the path seemed clear in terms that i would install ESXI and have a NAS OS serving the drives.

I saw the VMM package on xpenology (sry i don't have much knowledge on it.. i only assume it was just a NAS OS like others) and made me thinking...

I don't need the bells and whistles of ESXI ...i just want fair performance of my VMs......which normally should be kept stopped until for some reason i would need to start 1 maybe 2 at most (the really most will be in extreme scenarios 3).

There would be a mix of Windows installations e.g. Win7/2008R2/2019 ....and a couple of Linux Distros....

I don't want any kind of great performance like for gaming but i want decent 2d performance as i test multiple scenarios under various IDE

So what do you think...does Xpenology is up to the task.

For the record i have a gaming PC with a side installation of ESXI (USB) running on G4560 and it performs great for my needs from the little i have palyed around.

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