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HUGE amount of space used in Hyper-V


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I have a big problem with space. If I copy 12GB to the NAS which has a fixed 500GB VHD-disk it uses up about 40GB!

If I delete stuff the space stays the same. If I copy another 15GB and I look in the folder with File Station (and Windows Explorer) it says nicely 27GB. The Quota manager says 84GB!


What is this? I made a complete new VM with bootfile and patfile and a new thin-provisioned disk , but I experience exactly the same there...


Can somebody explain this? I want to put all my 149GB of pictures on this VM because my DL380G7 is way faster with the DS Photo then my DS214, but I'm going to need about 500GB for a real 149GB this way....


Hope somebody has a asolution. I can't be the only one with this problem.



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