Help needed with setup strategy

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Hi all, 


I am having difficulty with setting up my xpenology box. I have: 


1 x SSD, right used for apps only

2 x 3 Tb hard drives

2 x 8 Tb hard drives

1 x  4 Tb USB drive


I am having difficulty with designing a system that is secure and crash safe. I like to have multiple backups. I also don't like RAID as it is harder to recover, and I'd prefer ext4 file system over btrfs as ext4 is easier to access once it crashes. 


The server is mostly for media and secure file server and storage, and backups of my computer files. I don't hav a lot of files, a few Tbs. My biggest concern is crash and file loss. 


I currently use 1 3-tb drive as the main data drive, backed-up locally to an internal 8-tb drive, and a second copy to the external 4-tb USB drive. 


I am thinking about LUN for desktop computers, then backup these LUNs the same way as above. I just don't how I can access/recover these LUNs if the NAS or computer crash.  I don't know whether LUN works well with ext4 file system and non-raid drives. 


I would like you guys' input. The system is being rebuilt, so a good time to plan out. 



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With all these restrictions and reservations, I don't see why you are interested in a server-based solution at all.


If DSM has features that remain compelling for you, I'd suggest you configure it as intended (RAID, btrfs, shared storage) and look at snapshot/replication to another DSM instance for crash and data loss protection.


If you are concerned about the stability of XPenology running DSM, you should consider purchasing a real Synology solution.


iSCSI does work with DSM, but really needs btrfs and RAID for best performance.  That said, unless you have a strong desire to run diskless workstations, it's not better or faster than using a CIFS or Apple share.  If your desire is to back up a local drive to the NAS, VEEAM Free offers a very flexible solution.

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