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Banana pi?


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I've read some post asking about availability for raspberry pi, but usb transfers, 100 mb nic, ... it is not interesting


I have a Banana Pi, with 1 Gb RAM, 1 Ghz dual core arm, 1 Gb nic, SATA2 (http://www.bananapi.org/p/product.html) and it could be very very interesting for private cloud, nas, download station, photo station...


Transfers between 30-40 mb/s are possible with bananian (debian).

Power consumption is 3.2 W with hdd working.


Is it possible to run in this board? Will it be possible? The architecture is similar to rpi.


If you tell me how or put in the way, I can testing it.

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Hi, you can't test it because you have to cross-compile entire synology stuff for this kind of board, but, synology haven't release any source, so you don't have any source to compile.

In case you have all the sources, you have to adjust kernel for specific hardware ( Banana PI ) if are able to do so, you are in the way to try porting for banana pi.

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