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[Solved] USB 3 issue with Workstation 10 / DSM 5.0


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Hi all,


I've just finished installing my virtual Xpenology server on VMware Workstation 10 (running on Windows 7).

I have an external HDD containing almost 2 To of data and I want to put them on the Xpenology server.

The external HDD is connected with a USB 3 interface.

The motherboard have USB 3 capabilities which was successfully tested on a previous configuration.

I have activated the USB 3 compatibility in Workstation. I have a message telling this capabilities is only supported with Linux 3.6 kernel or higher. But in the tutorial, it is recommended to identify the OS as a 2.6 kernel. This point might be the key...


I have several issues with this.

1/ If I plug the USB drive and let the VM manage it, it disappears from Windows (seems normal), it's detected in DSM web interface (icon in the right upper screen), but nothing in Filestation. USB drive data are not available. I can eject the removable device and reconnect it. It's recognized but it's content is not displayed. In Filestation, no usbshare folder appears.

2/ If I disconnect the USB drive from the VM, it becomes available in Windows. As Filestation proposes to access local drives, I can see it.

But, when I copy files, transfer rate is very low, between 4 and 10 times slower than USB 3.

3/ If I try to map the USB drive as an internal disk, DSM wants to format it before using it, so I didn't try to go deeper in this direction.


For the moment, I'm copying files using my old configuration (DSM 4.3 booting from a USB drive). Transfer rates are good.

But, as I want to use this server from a Virtual Machine and not from a USB drive, if someone can help me finding what's going wrong, it will be great.



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I reply to myself as someone else could have the same issue.


I reinstalled both Xpenology VM and Win 7 systems.

But using minimal drivers. For example, I didn't install USB 3.0 drivers as Window 7 seems to work fine with the native ones.

And I didn't modify settings concerning USB management in Workstation.


USB devices are now seen correctly and transfer rates are USB 3.0 like even if Workstation is configured to see USB 2.

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