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Hi, I've been off the topic of xpenology for almost 2 years and I'm back again, thanks to the damn covid

:), I am at home for many hours and I started to see how the news was and I have seen that there are a lot.
I decided to update my homemade nas to the latest version and after quite a few hours of testing I did it with: (synoboot ds3167_6.2, and the latest version of the manufacturer image dsm_ds3167xs_25423.pat)



. of course not all the disks I had mounted appear, most appear in E-sata mode



It is here when wanting to fix this problem, I have encountered another problem.
I need to enter xpenology in root mode to enable the option of the numbers of internal disks, usb, e-sata etc, within the devices.
I found several tutorials but they are not specific to version 6.2, and they are not operational, I found one on youtube, which indicates the form, but following the final suggestions, some users indicate that several lines have to be modified.


ok I do it and I can no longer access synology via ssh, I can via telnet (putty), but I can't use winscp
















Can someone lend me a hand? Thank you

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