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Services available but not web console?


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Hi guys, new here & to XPenology. Followed guides posted here to get 4493 up & running with Nanoboot on an HP N40L microserver with a pair of disks to test & it all worked perfectly (thanks to all that contributed!).


One of my aims was to play with Xpenology on this hardware with a view to buying a full 4 or 5-bay DS & use this machine as a local backup/replication target using older disks as they're outgrown.


So, I had a play with upgrading disk sizes & numbers (started with a pair of 500's, replaced one at a time with 750's, then added a couple of 1TB's etc.) and the upgrades all went very well. However, I've found that the web console is no longer responding, despite other elements (shares etc.) still seemingly working fine.


I /thought/ I enabled SSH on the box when built but there's a chance I didn't so trying to SSH into it just times out eventually.


I did try logging in at the real console with an old USB kb but it seems the "enter" key on my KB may be faulty as I can scroll but can't select/enter (will grab another from work today & try again tonight).


In the meantime, is this a known issue by any chance? I did search the forum & found one other user with a similar sounding issue but their problem resolved itself in around 3o mins whereas mine doesn't seem to despite a few (hard) reboots.


Any suggestions/pointers would be appreciated...



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I've confirmed that I had a duff keyboard and have logged into the console with a working one. Is there any possibility of checking ssh enable/disable status from here? I'd like to at least be able to ssh remotely rather than needing the real console.


Trying to find some useful troubleshooting steps before I have to blow it away & start again...

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