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[Solved] Software or hardware RAID management?


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Hi all,


I'm installing a virtual Xpenology server running under Windows 7 and VMware Worstation 10.

This computer will be used for other activities, that's why I preferred Worstation to ESXi.

But the main activity will be to run the NAS Server.


My motherboard has RAID management capabilities and I have 4 HDD (same size: 1 To for each HDD) which I previously used in RAID 5 on a Synology server (which died a few time ago).


My question is: Do I rather use my motherboard RAID capabilities to manage the RAID volume, or do I let the virtual server do that?

In the first case, when I create this physical RAID volume in the Bios, the Windows HDD manager only see one drive (the entire RAID volume), so I only can map 1 drive in Xpenology and it doesn't propose RAID options (seems logical).

In the second case, I can map 4 HDD, so the Xpenology server proposes RAID options, even Hybrid ones.


Which one is better, faster,... stronger (sorry, I couldn't stop myself :wink:).


In advance, thank you for your help.

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People from the french section also recommand to let the virtual server handle the disks.

Here is a link: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=4693



Its only apply when you use DSM directly on the hardware. You have two extra layers between DSM and hardware (Windows and Vmware-WS). It changes everything. I would use BIOS/Windows RAID and present one logical disk to DSM.

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